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"Frank Rim was instrumental in helping my new husband and I navigate a difficult tax situation after we were married. He guided us through the IRS requirements and advocated for us a resolution that we were able to handle. He did all of this with sensitivity, kindness, professionalism and expertise. I am and always will be so grateful. He has become our family accountant and I am absolutely at ease knowing that we can count on him to guide us through the ever changing tax environment and into our retirement years. I feel that he is personally committed to each of his clients and that is a great comfort. Thanks so much,"

-Julie H., Denver

"I was referred to Frank Rim about a year and a half ago. I admit, I was a mess! My husband had passed and I didn't have a clue as to my taxes. It was quite complicated! Not only was Frank kind and compassionate, he cleared up everything for me and I am now on track. Frank is not only my CPA, he is my Tax Therapist! I highly recommend him."

-Judith, Denver

"Frank is "the guy" you want! Not only is he professional and on top of his game, he's just a super nice guy. My tax situation went from super easy to super complicated in about 1 year and I don't know what I would have done without him. He's saved us tons of money and huge headaches trying to do our taxes ourselves. He's always available for questions and very quick at responding to anything you need. I'll be using him for years to come!"

-JJ, Brighton, CO

"Frank Rim has amply demonstrated his knowledge of the intricate tax laws, as well as 'things to consider' for the future. You can hire anyone to do just 'file taxes.' But for professional preparation and value-added experience, I turn to Frank."

-Yvonne P., Taos

"My wife and I got connected with Frank through Dave Ramsey’s endorsed local provider program, and we couldn’t be happier. The first time we met with Frank, we thought we were going to fix one or two issues on last year’s taxes, but we ended up totally revamping our tax strategy. Frank recommended changes to our 401k and HSA contributions and adjustments to our tax withholdings. He also identified ineligible IRA contributions in some past years and guided us through the process of cleaning them up. Frank paid attention to the small details and explained each step of the process. He welcomed our questions and responded to them right away. Frank knows what he’s talking about and is great to work with."

-Dane H., Thornton, CO

"Frank was recommended to me about 3 years ago when I urgently needed IRS help. It was truly a blessing that I found him and had the honor of working through my tax problems with someone as honest and trustworthy as Frank. I sought him out again after he moved to his new location and found the comfort level I remembered still intact."

-Brian, Fort Collins, CO

"Having a competent and honest tax professional who I can trust is refreshing and I am happy to have adopted Frank into my armament. I didn’t realize the depth of my stress over tax season until I was relieved of that with Frank’s proactive approach of monitoring and maintaining my tax portfolio."

-Heather, Lakewood, CO

"We recently started a small business and decided quickly that we needed help doing our taxes. During our first phone call with Frank we learned so much and he took time to answer all of our questions, even before we decided to use him as our tax professional. Through the Tax process Frank continued to take the time to make sure we understood what he was doing and why. At our tax review he made sure we new what to expect for the upcoming year and got all necessary items setup. I highly recommend Frank for anyone who is running their own business!"

-Steve and Ashley K, Westminster CO

"I have worked with Frank off and on for several years. He is smart, competent and honest. He is also a very good human being. I could not be happier than I am with the work and results Frank has done for me!"

-Tom E., Denver

"Mr. Rim's expertise, professionalism, and knowledge of the tax world has been able to help my business avoid costly tax mistakes, and save the money we need to stay competitive. He will graciously answer my questions in a timely manner. Most of all, he is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Frank Rim's Tax and Business Consulting."

-Bryan F, Golden

"When we first went to see Frank our business was in pretty bad shape. We had several years of tax returns that needed to be filed, we were behind in our payroll tax payments and we had an issue that we didn't understand that the IRS was telling us was going to cost us over $ 13,000.00 just in penalties. The IRS had even sent a revenue agent to our house but we weren't there to talk to him. From our very first meeting Frank took over the dialog with the IRS and we did not have to talk to them at all. He made some suggestions about how to operate our business and got all the necessary paperwork handled. In the end the issue we didn't understand was a simple clerical error that he found and corrected with them to save us over $ 14,000.00 in fines and resolved all our issues. Frank treated us with respect throughout the entire process and never questioned how we got where we were but just worked on solving our issues. He has since done our year end filings for us and I would trust no one else for it in the future. Needless to say I would highly recommend Frank for accounting services or for dealing with your IRS issues."

-Larry M, Englewood

"I had the honor and good fortune to work with Frank Rim about 4 years ago, after I received the dreaded "audit" letter from the IRS. I realized that I was completely out of my comfort zone in working with the IRS on my own, as I realized almost immediately. Frank rose to the occasion by helping me navigate with all of the requests, documentation, etc. that the IRS was requiring. He actually acted completely on my behalf in personal meetings, conversations, documentation, thankfully. As it turns out, I felt that I ended "right side up," so to speak. As a result of that initial encounter, and subsequent tax return years, I wouldn't even consider hiring any other CPA. Ever. He is a true professional, super friendly and wholly approachable. I have recommended him to various people who needed help with any aspect of their tax situations, with fantastic results. He, hands down, gets my vote, now and in the future, for any CPA expertise that is ever necesary, as far as I am concerned. Kudos to him and his new practice."

-Judy E. W., Denver, Colorado

"I have been a free lance illustrator for 40 years. As an artist, numbers are not my favorite thing. Especially tax numbers! Frank totally diffused my tensions regarding the complexity of business taxes. He did this with integrity, knowledge, and good humor. Even though my blood pressure still goes up around tax time, Frank has allowed me to focus on my art and not stress about the "numbers". Thank you Frank Rim! Corbin"

-Corbin H, Denver CO

"Frank is so kind and compassionate in addition to being an amazing accountant! My husband and I hadn’t paid taxes in a few years because of a business with a partner that went bankrupt. We were broke, in trouble and afraid. Frank was so kind and understanding, and he worked extremely hard on our case, dealt with the IRS on our behalf and got us really fair payments. Some of the debt was even relieved, but we made every mistake possible before going in for help. I would urge anyone to get help as soon as you know you have an issue and not waiting like we did. No one will take better care of you than Frank Rim."

-Jodi L, Denver

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